Monday, 20 September 2010

Writing lyrics

9.0.Writing Lyrics

Take lyrics from poems and other songs
Also take lyrics from other song this is the best way to write lyrics
This can be considered unpopular because people might just copy and paste songs so, if you want to write something truly original, think of something desperately sad or something extremely emotional to you as a person. For example has someone close to you died? Does someone inspire you? 

Those are the kind ways to write lyrics

Finally remember to keep a structure, to write a pop song try an A B A C A structure which is very common but it does a good job. So this could translate to a verse, chorus, second verse, second chorus, 3 verse then final chorus and is also known as a rondo form. You should consider writing in this method for first time writers

There are also many other methods such as:

A B C B C- This is known as an Arch form which is a development on the Rondo form
A B A C A B A- Symmetrical Rondo form
A B A- Binary form

There are many other forms but these are the most basic and your own personal research should be made if you want advanced forms

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