Saturday, 18 September 2010

Music Writing

Alright, I have decided in the up coming days, I will blog my "How To Write Music" thread. I originally posted this on The Escapist during my exam revision period because it helped me realise what I did know and what I needed to brush up on. My guide is very long, about 9,600 words in total so I can't put it all into one post and I will need to edit it so it's in a format for this site so but if you want to view the full thing in all it's glory check it out at this link

So, without further ado, here is my guide to writing music

2.0.Reading Sheet Music
2.1.On a Piano
2.2.Piano Notes to Sheet Music
2.3.Note Reading on a Guitar
2.4.Reading Bass Sheet Music
2.5.Drum music reading
4.1.Sharp Major Keys
4.2.Flat Major Keys
4.3.Or Sharp Minor Keys
4.4.Flat Minor Keys
4.5.Major Key chord pattern
5.0.Chord Writing
5.1.Majors and Minors
5.2.Major key seventh chord chart
5.3.Minor Key Chart
7.1.The Melody to Chord chart
8.0.Changing Key
8.1.Keys you can go into
9.0.Writing Lyrics
10.1.Rhythm Diagram
12.0.Writing in different styles
12.6.Hip Hop
14.0.The end


Hello there. You may have seen me around The Escapist and most know me as The Rockerfly, I am a musician. I have been playing music for about 10 years and have been writing for 3 years. I have an A level in music, grade 7 guitar, grade 5 in tuba, play the drums part time and sing for a group as well. It has come to my attention though lots or people wish to become musicians or are in the process of becoming musicians and this guide is here to help you on your journey
Now to write music it is useful to have theory however it is NOT essential to writing music however it is useful if you to progress and write things out of your comfort zone
I know it is hard to know where to start with the theory and I find writing this article very difficult so please excuse me if you feel that I have not written it to your standards, every musician has been taught differently so their theory will be different


  1. I've got some sense for rhythm, but writing music might be a tad bit too hard for me :D

  2. Looking forward to seeing this guide unfold :)

  3. This should be interesting, I write music but this may give me some helpful tips. =]